Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Points of Interest - Link-o-Rama

A friend of mine sent me a link to this weirdness. Some of you may have heard of "Math Rock." Which I tend to find to be a nonsensical, discordant, a-rhythmic collection of noise. (My personal opinion is that it's far more about the instant indie-geek cred you're handed when you say you love math rock. Certain people perk up and think, "Wow, you're really committed." Nobody really likes it. It's just further evidence in my "Culture of Exclusion" theory. Which is part of the larger "Differentiation" campaign of the individual in an effort to establish social niches based on a disdain for conventional culture. I blame the marketing industry for forcing people to market themselves in everyday life. But more on that some other time. Thank you, Danah Boyd.) Think Animal Collective on crack. Sometimes it can be interesting, certainly, but it's generally nothing I go out of my way to listen to.

On to comics:

Cover shots courtesy of Amazon.com

I understand the Battles YouTube vid link came to him via Warren Ellis, my favorite outcast. I read Fell last night, which is a collaboration twixt the aforementioned Ellis and Ben Templesmith, creator of one of my absolute favorite series, Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse. His artwork is rather stimulating and his hero irreverent. Just like I like 'em. And Fell is fantastic. Nab a copy on Amazon if you can.

Moving right along I take the long way round to my next point - despite the fact that Ramon Perez & Rob Coughler have seemed to be taking a rather long vacation from any heft as far as their comic is concerned, I've always enjoyed Butternut Squash. It's definitely worth a read through the back-posts if you've never read it. (I am soooo glad they're done with the Rob & Cola's adventures in other people's comics "plotline." It was worse than the top 3's - Questionable Content, Scary-Go-Round, Sam and Fuzzy - occasional week of a thousand guest comics that I never read because at least that special torture generally has a clear end in sight. The Rob & Cola thing went on forever. Although, I find it kind of amusing that during the worst of their "vacation" they won a Canadian webcomic award. For which they totally whored for votes.)

Ah... here we are, welcome to my point - I find I am particularly sensitive to June 8th's posting. I personally vow to spare the local coffee-slinging set my whining.

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winter said...

I tend to think that we all live in separate universes that overlap but loosely.

And I know what you mean about being in love with an idea of someone that doesn't necessarily match up with the actual person. Believe me, I do.