Monday, May 28, 2007

Cupcake Addenda

They're even pretty BEFORE they go in the oven! Stay tuned for more Lemon-Strawberry Delight ac-tion! *claps hands* *giggles*

And... we're back. It's evening now, post-cookout. And for the first time in the very brief history of my cupcake obsession I am cupcake-less within one day. Every last one of the little suckers got gobbled up because they are rockin' good delicioso. Seriously. Mine even had a mis-adventure in the car - wherein my friends decided that on the way to the cookout that we had to stop at the mall and I had no choice but to leave the cupcakes in the warm car which melted the buttercream frosting I made so they were decidedly unlovely but they went over like buttah at the cookout. I got soooo many compliments.

Anyhoo, here is a shot of the finished product, pre-frosting:

Aren't they pretty? They were a bit tricky to get out of the cupcake pan, and the cake part of the cupcakes split a little on one or two when I tried to lift them out but they managed to make intact. They were just itchin' to get naked and shed their papers too!

I followed Coconut & Lime's basic buttercream recipe, adding the juice of a whole lemon and some zest as recommended and it is absolutely DELISH! So very tart and tasty. And the lemon cupcake is really lemon-y and the strawberries I got were wonderfully ripe and sweet. I couldn't wait until we got to the cookout to eat one - I just had to. Here it is on it's way home to my belly:

I am so very pleased with the results. I'm going to have to make another batch because I've promised them all over town. I'll probably do that tomorrow because I'm totally exhausted now but I have PLENTY of frosting left over so that's one less thing to do.

Now, for my next trick - I go in search of the perfect vanilla cupcake. I think it will involve homemade vanilla sugar *raises eyebrows suggestively* because I am just that fou-fou.


Rachel said...

great in the pan shot! i am glad they went over so well.

winter said...

Yum! I want one!

Beanie said...

Great. I just gained a pound, reading your blog. Thanks for that.

No; really. It's charming. Now gimme a cupcake.


AudreyAS said...

I was excited about these too, and I actually made them this weekend, but somehow they didn't turn out as I'd expected. They looked fabulous but they were very dense and heavy and didn't rise much.. it didn't have that light and fluffy texture like cake.. I'm unsure if this is an intention leaving out a Baking Soda ingredient in place of buttermilk or what.. I'm going to make this again but with a box cake mix, adding a strawberry and lemon juice. Also the frosting came out very "soupy" and I had to dump it down the drain, the basic frosting recipe she suggested used regular milk instead of evaporated milk that I'm used to, so i'm unsure what happened...

Darcey said...
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Darcey said...

Since these have fresh strawberries how long can you make them in advance before eating them?