Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Clang the Dumb

I think there's a gimp living in the boiler room of my apartment building. Either that or a drum circle from Montreal has moved in. The last two mornings when I've gotten up there's been this mysterious clanging noise echoing through the building. It's fairly rhythmic, thus the drum circle suspicion. And it goes on forever. I heard it in the bathroom at 5:00am and it was still going on while I was in the shower at 7:00, and even still at 8:15 when I left the house. I usually leave through the back of the building and there's another level to the back stairs that leads to the boiler room - which is where the mysterious "clang clang" seemed to be coming from. I might suggest that it was the heating system but, as the heat isn't on anymore due to the magnificently warm spring temperatures it simply can't be that.

I will work on further theories as the day progresses.


Callum said...

My theory:
Its a small army of Hungarian blacksmiths. To lessen the problem...find another small army of Hungarian blacksmiths and hope that they fight each other to a standstill, at which point you can throw some of them out.

winter said...

Callum's theory makes a lot of sense.

But I still think it's metrognomes.