Sunday, February 4, 2007


One of my absolute favorite workday distractions is a little blog called Go Fug Yourself. I only just started reading it this (well, budget) year, so this is new to me but I guess they've done it before. Anyhoo, those crazy ass bitches is coverin' the Fall NY Fashion week for New York Magazine's Fashion Blog.

In the oft-mourned absence of Ab Fab, I find these girls refreshingly hilarious, unfailingly evil, and truly creative in their critique. So when I stumbled across their work during some pre-dawn perusals, I just felt I HAD to share it with you.

I read one of their posts this morning, The Collection for Prostitutes We've All Been Waiting For and laughed my damned ass off watching the Rock & Republic Slideshow. Seriously. Here are some examples of some severe tresspasses against good taste:

Can you not see Cate Blanchett donning this tragedy on some red carpet somewhere?


And look at this poor bastard - he knows

It's written all over his face, "Yes, yes I am wearing a metallic sweater and a yuppie knotted scarf. It's not my fault. I was dead at the time."

This poor guy also had the misfortune of being selected to walk for the Lacoste show. And holy crap, WTF is going on over at Lacoste? First of all, the guys are in these Jungle/Hiking boot nightmares - tucked in to their pants. And half of the women's collection appears to be stolen from the Spiegel Together® catalog. But where are Rachel Hunter and Elaine Irwin and that weird-looking girl from the Victoria's Secret catalog (from like, 5 years ago) with the really short neck? Laughing and pointing. And wondering if Demi Moore knows they raided her closet circa 1985.


Fergie and Sienna Miller had a baby and they named it Rosemary.

Model: So they're lace. And they're pants?

Michael Ball: Yeah! See, Sienna rocked this last week but she did it with a fuzzy sweater and panties, you have a tiny leather bomber jacket so it's FIERCE.

Model: Shut the fuck up.


Is it me, or does it look like an unseen Wookie is hugging this guy?


Hehehehehe... and lastly,

Somebody get this guy a fluffy white cat and a big chair, STAT!


Well, that was fun. I certainly enjoyed being a Fugger for a morning. Wait and see if any other heinous shows tickle my funny bone - Fashion Week ain't over yet!


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